Our Purpose


We are looking not only to the workers of today, but to the world as we wish it to be. Through education, we can work to liberate the workers and build a democratic world of tomorrow - today.


Action on the part of the workers is important if they wish to have safe places of labor and fair pay. The IWW is not a union of contract but a union of action. We rely on direct action by the workers to build the union and for self-liberation.


Solidary Forever is not mearly the name of what is likely our most famous tune, it is the basis for our strength. Our purpose for organizing is not simply for friendship, but also as the social engine of the movement.

Our Parent Organization

Since its creation in 2011 as the Greater Kansas City IWW, the Heartland IWW has stood beside its parent organization, the international Industrial Workers of the World. We look forward to working with branches both locally and throughout the world as we bring change to a planet in need.

The IWW was founded in 1905 as a voice for industrial unionism in a time of labor turmoil. While we have similarities with other unions, we differ on several key points - but we're more than willing to assist them when they are in need. That's what solidarity is all about, and from whence we derive the motto:

"An Injury to One is an Injury to All!"

Industrial Unionism Has Benefits

Rather than trade unionism, which places each craft in a separate union, the IWW advocates for industrial unionism. This means that everyone who works at a school will belong to the same union just as everone who works in a grocery store will belong to the same union. Within our organization, each industrial union belongs is placed under one of six departments: Agriculture and Fisheries, Mining and Minerals, General Construction, Manufacture and General Production, Transportation and Communication, and Public Service.

Of course, it would be simplier to simply bypass the need for struggle. One way for workers to do this is through a business we refer to as a "wobbly shop". In such a place, there is no unelected management - meaning, elected by the workers, not outside share-holders. Wobbly shops also focus on other forms of self management, such as open policy making through assemblies and the ability for each worker to have a vote in the direction of the business.

There are several benefits to organizing in this manner. Fist, both skilled and nonskilled workers will need to work together to ensure the needs of both are met. In addition, because of increased mutual interaction and interest, managers will have a harder time turning one craft against another. Furthermore, companies are themselves combined. Thus, it makes sense for a union to be as well. On top of this, because each craft does not have a separate contract, negotiation and solidarity among members is strenghthened.

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